Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Red Rose Birthday Card

Here is a card that I embroidered. It is a red rose and I used one of Martha Stewart's corner punches on the corners. I colored in the rose with red chalk and after it was set, I used the sparkle pen over the chalk. I think it gave a nice finish. Some how the top right got bent, so I put a gold peel off sticker saying "Happy Birthday" over it after I saw it in the picture. It totally covered it up.


  1. How talented you are. To embroider a card must have taken a long time. This is very pretty. Kathi, you asked how I made the twine lollipops. I just put some glue down in the center of a circle and started making a circle. I added glue as I needed it. It was very simple.

  2. Thanks Peggy. I appreciate your comments and your help.